Itsuki Yakisoba Noodles / 焼きそば

Itsuki Yakisoba Noodles / 焼きそば

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内容量:3食 510g

野菜と果実のフルーティーな旨味とコクに、十数種類の香辛料を加えたスパイシーな液体ソースが、歯切れの良い滑らかで弾力のある食感の中細麺によく合います。 調理が簡単で、使い勝手のよい3食入りです。

The spicy liquid sauce, which is made by adding more than a dozen kinds of spices to the fruity flavor and richness of vegetables and fruits, goes well with medium-thin noodles with a crisp, smooth and elastic texture. Easy to cook and easy to use with 3 meals.

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