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We have the real items called "Edomae". 

Seaweed >>>

    Morihan is a long-established seaweed brand founded in 1927. They are from Omori, Tokyo, where seaweed production is thriving.The seaweed was produced in Tokyo Bay until the 1960s. Now, they are using selected seaweed from Ariake, and carefully made according to the traditional manufacturing method.  

老舗伝承” is a really premium one. You can enjoy the crispy texture and the mellow scent trapped in the can of the seaweed. 

Edomae Sushi Nori” is recommended forJapanese restaurants such as sushi and rice balls that are particular about products from JAPAN. Please use it as the best pairing of Japanese rice.   


Sushi Vinegar >>>

 Kisaichi is a traditional brewery founded in 1922. They use wooden barrels for many years to keep taste. They do not use additives (such as E621) or animal extracts during the production process. It also benefits people who seek a healthy diet. 

Kelp flavored sushi vinegar” is literally made with kelp. Generally, there are many bonito extract bases. Therefore, it does not contain animal ingredients. You can also recommend it to vegans.  

Akazu uses sake lees for fermentation. Anyone who has ever drank a Sake can know. The sweetness of rice which is the raw material, is transferred to Akazu. The way to use it for your Sushi rice, add 10% to 20% to your sushi vinegar. You can make the traditional "Edomae Aka-shari (red sushi rice)". Have you ever eaten red sushi rice? The best match for European fishes!


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