Iwachu 岩鋳 南部鉄器 ごはん鍋 5合炊き / Iwachu Iron Rice Cooker

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●Size: 305×250×H145mm
●Material:Nambu Ironware (南部鉄器)
●IH:possible  (IH対応)
●Manufacture of:Iwachu(Morioka, Iwate  JAPAN)


Cook fluffy rice in an iron pot with excellent heat storage!
Thanks to the heat storage properties of the pot's thickness and the airtightness. created by the body and lid, you can cook delicious rice that cannot be enjoyed with an electric rice cooker.


<Please note>
・Since IH has a strong power, in order to prevent the pot from deforming and to ensure safety, please set the strength to "medium" or lower and keep an eye on it while using it. 
・Do not use if there are any cracks.

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