UOGASHI MEICHA 玄米茶 茶太郎 / Genmaicha Cha taro 200g

UOGASHI MEICHA 玄米茶 茶太郎 / Genmaicha Cha taro 200g

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煎茶や番茶に、玄米をブレンドしてつくります。 おいしさの秘訣は、ベストマッチするお茶の選定、玄米の炒り具合、そしてブレンドの割合です。

Genmaicha is a richly-flavored Japanese green tea made by mixing roasted rice with sencha or bancha. Before being blended with the tea, the rice is steeped in water and steamed then roasted at a high temperature, and the popped rice stands out white amongst the tea leaves.

Genmaicha allows you to enjoy the special savory fragrance of the roasted rice together with the refreshing taste of sencha or bancha. Because of its low caffeine content, genmaicha is recommended for all ages, from children to the elderly. 

About Our Tea The keys to delicious Genmaicha are the following three things.

1.Selecting tea that is best with roasted brown rice.
2.Degree of roasting brown rice.
3.Blending ratio of roasted brown rice and tea. Genmaicha may appear to be simple, but in fact, it is deep.

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